ecoation launches the latest version of its IPM and Yield Forecasting platform with multilingual support

Leading AG-Tech startup breaking down language barriers through its AI-Powered greenhouse software solution for the global market

Leading AG-Tech startup breaking down language barriers through its AI-Powered greenhouse software solution for the global market

(Wednesday, May 24, 2023) North Vancouver, BC - ecoation, a leading provider of AI-powered, data-driven growing solutions, is proud to announce that its platform is now available in multiple languages. The company has implemented the localization of its software platform in German, French, and Dutch, allowing scouts to conduct their scouting in their native language including English and Spanish which were already fully supported. At the same time, growers and IPM managers can view the data and platform in the language of their choice.

ecoation's platform provides growers with the ability to monitor plant health, detect pests and diseases, and forecast crop yields with high accuracy. By offering the platform in multiple languages, ecoation is enabling scouts to communicate their findings in the language they are most comfortable with, streamlining the scouting process. Meanwhile, growers and IPM managers can analyze the data and make decisions in the language of their choice, eliminating language barriers that can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes.

"We are excited to offer our platform in multiple languages, making it more accessible and easier to use for our customers worldwide," said Maryam Antikchi, CTO and co-founder  of ecoation. "Our localization efforts empower scouts, growers, and IPM managers to communicate and collaborate more effectively, helping them achieve better results and optimize their operations."

ecoation is committed to driving sustainable agriculture forward and providing growers with innovative solutions that enable them to produce healthy and high-quality crops in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The availability of the platform in multiple languages is an essential step towards achieving this goal. It will help growers around the world to optimize their operations and achieve tremendous success.

About Ecoation:

Established in 2010, ecoation is an award-winning Canadian AgTech Service provider with a forecasting platform that provides actionable insights on IPM, crop balance, and growth as well as yield and production metrics which helps growers multiply their success while having more control and visibility into their operations. With customers all over the world, ecoation is one of the fastest-growing AgTech Companies in the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector.

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