Eliminate Scouting Coverage Gaps: Supercharge Your Greenhouse with ecoation's AI-Powered IPM Forecast Maps

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is vital for protecting crops, but running a successful IPM program comes with numerous challenges. Among these challenges is the task of finding and retaining diligent scouts who can consistently flag potential pest and disease issues.  These scouts serve as the critical resource and the first line of defence in effective IPM. Scouts' time is valuable and they can't cover the entire greenhouse each week. This creates gaps in analysis which impedes decision-making and increases the risk of a pest outbreak.  However, with the release of IPM Forecast maps by ecoation, growers now have a revolutionary tool to optimize scouting efforts and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data. 

Scouts' time is valuable and they can't cover the entire greenhouse each week. This creates gaps in analysis which impedes decision-making and increases the risk of a pest outbreak.
Bryana Ginther, Product Manager



The Importance of Efficient Scouting in IPM

Scouting is an essential component of IPM, allowing growers to monitor and detect pest and disease issues before they escalate. However, finding and maintaining a team of diligent scouts who can consistently flag all issues is no easy feat. This challenge is particularly prominent in larger operations, where efficiently managing the scout's job becomes crucial. Traditionally, growers targeted scouting 20-35% of their greenhouse weekly, leaving gaps in data that can lead to either overspending on treatments or underestimating the risk of an outbreak.


The Power of IPM Forecast Maps

To overcome the limitations of traditional scouting and optimize decision-making, ecoation's IPM Forecast maps, generated by AI, provide a groundbreaking solution. These maps are available to growers who utilize the ecoation Oko machine for scouting purposes. By leveraging AI technology, the maps fill scouting gaps and project potential pest and disease issues across the entire greenhouse, enabling growers to make decisions based on 100% of their data.

Advantages of AI-Powered IPM Forecast Maps

  1. Comprehensive Data Coverage: IPM Forecast maps generated by AI provide a complete overview of the greenhouse, allowing growers to access a wealth of information and make informed decisions based on a holistic understanding of their crop's health.

  2. Efficient Resource Management: By filling scouting gaps and maximizing the efficiency and range of scouts, growers can optimize resource allocation. This enables better utilization of labor, time, and treatments, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of the IPM program.

  3. Accurate Decision-Making: AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data, detecting subtle signs of pest and disease infestations that may be missed by human scouts. This increases the accuracy of decision-making, helping growers respond promptly to emerging threats.

  4. Cost Reduction: By making decisions based on comprehensive data, growers can avoid unnecessary treatment expenditures caused by oversights or reactionary measures. This results in cost savings and a more efficient allocation of resources.


ecoation's AI-powered IPM Forecast maps revolutionize the way growers manage scouting and make decisions within their IPM programs. By bridging scouting gaps and projecting potential pest and disease issues, these maps empower growers to leverage 100% of their data for precise decision-making. With improved efficiency, enhanced accuracy, and cost reduction, the use of IPM Forecast maps sets a new standard for effective and sustainable crop protection. Embrace this cutting-edge technology from ecoation and take your IPM program to new heights.

Partner for Growth with ecoation

At ecoation, we are the premier technology providers to the commercial greenhouse industry. Our technology includes hardware, software and human expertise in the form of state-of-the-art robotics, firmware, software applications and access to our team of experts. We have an excellent track record of introducing and successfully integrating our technology into operational greenhouses

We focus on employee training and working with them to address technical challenges. Our professional approach has allowed us to become the most preferred technology provider that greenhouse operators want to work with. And we continue to work with our clients to successfully optimize operations, enhance yields, and drive sustainable growth in the modern agricultural landscape.

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