Experience the latest IPM and Yield Forecasting platform from ecoation at GreenTech Americas

Vancouver-based technology firm, ecoation is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming GreenTech Americas show in the city of Querétaro, Mexico.

The ecoation team plan to exhibit at GreenTech Americas and showcase the latest in IPM Forecast map feature for their customer base in Mexico, US and rest of Latin America.


Vancouver-based technology firm, ecoation is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming GreenTech Americas show in the city of Querétaro, Mexico. The event is scheduled to take place from March 21-23, and will feature the latest innovations in the horticulture industry across the Americas. As a leading provider of greenhouse technology, ecoation will be showcasing its Integrated Pest Management and Yield Forecasting platform, as well as introducing new innovations in its ground-breaking IPM forecast map feature.

With a focus on horticulture sustainability and greenhouse efficiency, ecoation's commercial IPM platform utilizes advanced sensors and machine learning algorithms to provide growers with real-time data on their greenhouse crops. By analyzing this data, the grower can reduce the cost of pesticides, and bio-control agents while simultaneously boosting crop quality. The platform also accurately forecasts crop yield and assists growers in making informed decisions to optimize sales revenue.

ecoation will be demonstrating the latest in its IPM forecast map feature, which has been customized for the Mexican market with English and Spanish language packs. This feature makes ecoation’s platform the only commercially available tool to use interactive heat maps that combine real-time data with highly accurate predictive pest pressures analysis. This allows growers a unique opportunity to take proactive measures to protect their crops and increase their profitability.

"ecoation is committed to providing the latest innovative solution to the greenhouse industry," said Maurico Manotas, CRO of ecoation. "Our updates to the IPM forecast map feature will further help growers manage pest issues and improve their crop yields. Our technology platform, including the OKO, has already made a significant impact in the greenhouse industry, and our continued participation in the GreenTech Americas shows our dedication towards the market in Mexico.”

The OKO robot from ecoation is equipped with multiple sensors, 360° 8K machine vision and AI driven algorithms, allowing it to identify and track crop health indicators such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. This data is then analyzed and interpreted using ecoation's proprietary software, which provides growers with insights and recommendations on how to optimize their operations even further.

GreenTech Americas is an important event for the horticulture industry, bringing together professionals from all over the world to showcase the latest technology, products, and services. ecoation's presence at the show reflects the company's commitment in developing its LATM business operations with the continued expansion of its bilingual, full time sales and support team in Mexico. For more information about ecoation IPM and Yield Forecasting platform, visit their website at

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