ecoation announces partnership with CEICKOR University in Mexico

As a Canadian organization committed to higher education as well as advancing agriculture and food production worldwide, ecoation is proud to announce it has signed a partnership agreement with one of Mexico’s most prominent and well-respected agricultural universities, Ceickor Centro University, located in Mexico’s agricultural heartland, Queretaro.

Ceickor Centro University offers high level educational programs to students who want to work in high tech protected agricultural and CEA positions, in the areas of technician and engineering. These highly skilled and trained students are then quickly employed after graduation by one of the many high tech greenhouse companies in Mexico where they put their highly sought after skills to work.

“I am proud to announce this significant moment and this partnership with this future-forward institution in Mexico, says Dr. Saber Miresmailli, CEO and Co-Founder of ecoation. “ecoation and Ceickor Centro University are joining forces to support the next generation of farmers.” 

The partnership between ecoation and Ceickor will ensure students can access the latest in high tech agricultural technology including the use of AI and data science, and also includes opportunities for ecoation team members to teach Ceickor students in the future. In addition, ecoation is also providing a student scholarship, so one young person can be educated in the latest technologies that will drive the future of agriculture, and become a valuable member of Mexico’s growing high-tech agricultural industry.  

Félix Tarrats Zirión, General Director of Ceickor Centro University says: “We’re fully convinced that AI and actionable data are the future of protected agriculture and are well aware of ecoation’s work and results with many growers around the world, so we couldn’t be happier to have them as a partner at Ceickor. Together we will continue educating the future generation of growers and hopefully keep making our food a little better.” 

“ecoation is a company committed to the future of farming and that only happens if we bet on our children,” says Maurcio Manotas, ecoation’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We couldn't be happier about becoming the newest partner of Ceickor Centro Universitario and being able to teach students and industry partners the real value of AI and data on greenhouses.”

Dr. Miresmailli concludes: “The world needs more food producers. As a former educator and greenhouse grower, I am glad that we now have this amazing chance to work with visionary people and to help young minds build a career in the food industry.”


About us: Established in 2010, ecoation is an award-winning Canadian AgTech Service provider with a forecasting platform that provides actionable insights on IPM, crop balance and growth as well as yield and production metrics which helps growers multiply their success while having more control and visibility into their operations. With customers all over the world, ecoation is one of the fastest growing AgTech Companies in the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector.


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