ecoation Accelerates Access to OKO Platform Through New Equipment Financing Options

Greenhouse growers in Canada and the United States are now able to access ecoation’s OKO platform on new, flexible financing terms.


Greenhouse growers in Canada and the United States are now able to access ecoation’s OKO platform and service solutions on financing terms that fit the operational and financial needs of their business. New, flexible financing options enable the grower to build their own tailored solution with little-to-no upfront initial investment, starting at as low as $12/hour* for the OKO machine + Digital service package.  

North Vancouver, BC (Tuesday, January 26, 2021) - As of this week, ecoation has officially confirmed the success of multiple deals under a new equipment financing structure, paving the way for all future financing agreements. These options are made possible through partnerships with established financing institutions who operate as industry leaders in both Canada and the United States (US). While expansion to other countries is in progress, financing is currently only available in Canada and the US. 

"Now that ecoation offers equipment financing, our customers have more options to choose a financial instrument that works for them,” commented ecoation COO, Sven Riemer. “Low and convenient monthly payments remove entry barriers and eliminate the need for significant upfront capital investments. Ultimately, this makes our technology accessible to a wider range of controlled environment agriculture facilities."

ecoation offers a range of services from monitoring quality of crop work to assessing yield to being the only company to offer a closed-loop AI-based IPM service at commercial scale on multiple continents. We are not only working hard to bring the latest and greatest technology to market but we also are working on innovative ways to make technology adaptation easier and more cash-flow friendly,” shared ecoation Founder and CEO, Dr. Saber Miresmailli.

 Growers can be confident in our credible partners. While our partners build a financing agreement that works for the grower, ecoation will be there every step of the way to support a seamless experience,“ commented Hazel Joomratty, ecoation Director of Finance.

Building on recently announced product upgrades that support cart independent hardware, ecoation is continuing work to further break down barriers to acquisition of their greenhouse solution. With this new financial flexibility, growers are able to build payment plans that work with their budget regardless of where they are in their fiscal year planning. ecoation aims to facilitate stress-free access to the technology to address operational challenges as they arise by shifting away from an up-front capital expense that requires financial planning well in advance. These manageable monthly payments will allow growers to bring ecoation services into their operations when they need them instead of budgeting for the following year. These financing options are currently being offered and available to those looking to level-up operational visibility and access real-time, AI analytics.

* Financing approval and monthly payment details contingent to the credit approval by the financing agency. 

About ecoation: 

ecoation is an award-winning grower-centric platform that combines Human knowledge and experience with Machine precision and automation to increase operational visibility, assist growers, and enhance their decisions. Commercially available since September 2019, ecoation products can be found in greenhouses across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and many European countries. With an experienced team of 60+ growers, scientists, engineers, and business professionals from all over the globe, ecoation is passionate about enabling a cleaner future and supporting growers in making the best possible decisions. At ecoation, we are on a mission to empower growers because we believe in doing so, we win together. 

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