Why you should digitize your observations

As you work in the greenhouse, you see a lot of things and you process a lot of information in your head. Why is it important to digitize those?

When people observe the same thing, it is fascinating to note how differently individuals perceive and interpret their observations. These differences can be attributed to various factors, including personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and cognitive biases. Two people witnessing the same event may focus on different aspects or details based on their individual interests or preconceived notions. Additionally, people may have varying levels of attention or observation skills, leading to differing interpretations of the same phenomenon. Moreover, subjective emotions and personal biases can shape how individuals perceive and interpret what they observe. These differences in observation can lead to diverse perspectives, opinions, and conclusions, highlighting the complexity and subjectivity of human perception. Recognizing and appreciating these differences can foster a richer understanding of the world and promote empathy and open-mindedness in our interactions with others.


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