Ecoation Awarded Patent in the U.S. for Stereo-Spatio-Temporal Crop Condition Measurements

Ecoation was recently granted a United States patent for technology involving the collection of stere-spatio-temporal crop condition measurements based on human observation and height measurements.

Ecoation was recently granted a United States patent for technology involving the collection of stereo-spatio-temporal crop condition measurements based on human observation and height measurements.


On January 17, 2023, ecoation earned a patent for innovative technology surrounding a unique method for collecting crop condition measurements. The patent involves the collection of data based on human observation, the height of the mobile platform, and the time the data was collected. The use case for this patent is to provide growers a complete three-dimensional overview of the crop conditions in their greenhouse, that can be measured across time. The height and location of the platform create a three-dimensional form of data-collection. This works alongside the time the data is collected to create a form of complete stereo-spatio-temporal data measurement. The patent also includes some form of storing, processing, or transmitting the measurements and results achieved through this system.

“ecoation has a large IP portfolio that covers our descriptive and predictive analysis of crop health and productivity,” says eocation Founder and CEO, Dr. Saber Miresmailli. “This new patent in the portfolio focuses on novel methods of collecting stereo-spatio-temporal data that allow us to showcase greenhouses as living organisms in a way that has never been seen before. This new method of data collection unlocks many new opportunities for growers. Now they can better answer the question of “why” certain things happen in specific locations and not in other places. This novel method of data collection allows them to learn what works best in the greenhouse and replicate that everywhere so they can scale their success.”This marks the next milestone in a series of patents held by ecoation.

This is ecoation’s 37th patent, and the fourth awarded in the United States. These patents will all work in tandem with each other to help achieve ecoation’s mission of improving the efficiency of food production in greenhouses worldwide.“Regularly collected stereo-spatio-temporal observations as described in this patent creates a comprehensive digital asset with the most granular level of information that growers can use to get deeper and better insights of their crop,” says Dr. Adrian Fuxman, Director of Data Science and Innovation at ecoation. “When coupled with data visualization tools in the ecoation platform it allows for more informed and systematic decisions.”

The technology included in this patent will continue to help growers use ecoation’s platform to maximize their yield, improve their forecasting efficiency, and create a complete IPM strategy. Moving forward, ecoation will continue to seek out new technology and ways to innovate on growing practices.

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