OKO - the Greenhouse Robot Revolutionizing IPM and Yield Forecasting

With the wealth of data collected by OKO, growers gain access to invaluable insights for IPM and Yield Forecasting using our AI driven software platform.

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, technology continues to play a pivotal role in increasing efficiency and productivity. One such innovation making waves in the industry is OKO —an advanced robot solution designed for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Yield Forecasting in greenhouses. With its three comprehensive modules, OKO offers a holistic view of the greenhouse environment, providing invaluable insights to growers.

Top Module

At the top of the OKO robot lies the upper module, housing high-definition cameras. These cameras capture detailed images, offering a complete picture of the greenhouse. The upper module is also equipped with climate sensors that continuously monitor humidity, CO2 levels, Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR), and temperature. By integrating this data with information from the lower module, OKO delivers a stereoscopic 2D as well as 3D views of the greenhouse's climate. As the robot moves from post to post, it collects photographic data, which is later utilized to create a virtual walk.


Center Module

The front end of the center module serves as the brains of the OKO robot, performing intense onboard computations, data compression and analysis. This helps OKOs minimizes the amount of raw data that has to be transferred via the WiFi network. This efficient data transfer minimizes bandwidth consumption, ensuring that the network remains free for other devices and greenhouse services to utilize.

The back end of the center module boasts a long-lasting battery and an LCD screen. By having an independent battery for the OKO eliminates reliance on the cart's power source, helping to keep both the OKO and the cart performing for longer periods of time. The LCD screen provides an intuitive interface, allowing users to interact with the platform seamlessly. The interface supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, French, and German. This language flexibility ensures that growers from different regions can easily access and utilize the OKO robot's capabilities.


Bottom Module

The OKO robot's bottom module is equipped with an RFID scanner that provides automatic location awareness within the greenhouse. As the robot moves around the greenhouse, RFID tags secured at strategic spots on the greenhouse floor help determine its precise location. This feature greatly assists scouts in tracking issues without the need to enter post numbers, resulting in reduced errors and better scouting efficiency. 

The bottom module also houses environment data sensors that measure temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, and PAR. This data is seamlessly integrated into the center module, combined with information from the top module, and utilized to create a comprehensive and accurate depiction of the greenhouse environment. 


The entire OKO Platform

With the wealth of data collected by OKO, growers gain access to invaluable insights for IPM and Yield Forecasting. Leveraging an AI-driven software platform, this data empowers growers to develop robust strategies to tackle pests and optimize crop yields. By proactively monitoring and managing the greenhouse environment, the OKO robot revolutionizes the way growers approach pest control and forecasting, ensuring sustainable and profitable agricultural practices.

Our OKO platform delivers a new level of precision and intelligence to greenhouse management. Its three modules work harmoniously to capture detailed imagery, monitor climate conditions, optimize data transfer, provide an intuitive user interface, and deliver accurate geolocation. By utilizing the data collected, growers can make informed decisions, implement effective IPM strategies, and forecast yields with confidence. The OKO robot paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future in agriculture, where technology and nature work hand in hand for optimal results.

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